Meet Luke Librella - The Alternative Dairy Co.

The Alternative Dairy Co is nothing without the Barista’s who everyday steam, stretch and pour our milk to create the best coffee experience in a cup.
They are the Nerds, Cat Lovers and Coffee Lovers behind the machine

Luke Javier Librella

What’s your name, what do your friends call you?

Luke Willis – Skinny

What’s the best thing about being a barista?

I think for me it’s being around people and a form of creativity, I’m not painting or in a kitchen plating a fish it’s more understanding a product that’s already there and representing it the best I can.

How long have you been a barista?

4 1/2 years

What’s your favourite dairy free milk type?

My favourite would be oat

What’s your best tip/trick when making coffee on dairy free milk? 

I recommend understanding how the milk froths and how to stretch it beforehand. I find oat takes more time to stretch. Just taking time to know the product and how it works is the biggest tip/trick.

How important is it to buy locally, buy Australian? Why?

It’s a very ethical way personally. Particularly for the Australian cafe culture our coffee industry is seen as a world destination. The things that are cutting edge here will be cutting edge around the world tomorrow.
Also to understand what you are working with and if you are working with machines that are from global countries.

How do you think ADC performs?

Textures pretty nice, it’s good.

What was your experience through COVID? Challenges? Silver linings?

Everyone had some trouble, but personally it was cool to have that refocus and one back to the basics of your service a bit. And think about those few people and think how to make it the best for them.

What do you aspire to do/be in the future both professionally or personally?

In terms of my career as a young barista and coming into roasting I would like to work to my lengths and push my self. I won’t know my peak until I reach that point. And climbing the mountain to its highest peak. That’s the goal. And all aspects of service not just coffee but workflow.
Personally very similar, I just want to hit that maximum peak in all aspects of life.

What’s one thing that people may not know about you?

I am pretty nerdy, baristas or hospos put on this pedestal of this cool. But I’m pretty nerdy like into video games and stuff like that.