The Local Pour - Seven Mile Coffee - The Alternative Dairy Co.


Talk about going the extra mile. From sourcing and roasting to brewing and teaching, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters have always been about doing the very best for their customers. 

Now, they’re pouring The Alternative Oat and Almond milks. We sat down with their head barista, Georgia to find out a little more about Seven Mile Coffee.



How long have you been in the cafe industry for?

I’ve been a barista for about 7 years and I’ve been in specialty coffee for about 5 and a half years.


Was it always your dream to work in the cafe industry / as a barista?

I don’t know if it was ever my dream to be a barista. I definitely fell into the role. But after being exposed to the world of coffee, I really just couldn’t do anything else. It just fascinated me so much. Not many people realise how in depth and scientific is really is. Even after 7 years I’m still learning something new every day.



Where can we find 7 Mile Coffee Roasters?

We’re currently sitting at 75 Kenneth Road, Manly Vale NSW and we also have a few other roasteries around the country. But here in Manly Vale is our main spot.


What can people expect to experience when they come here?

An exceptional cup of coffee! I accept nothing less than perfect.



Have you seen a distinct shift toward plant-based products?

I’ve definitely noticed a shift towards plant-based. We probably do about 40% alternative milks now. I was having a conversation with the owner of Top Shop in Byron Bay the other day and he was saying that he does 60% alternative milks, so the market is definitely growing.


How do you think The Alternative milks perform?

The Alternative plant-based milks are amazing. It’s definitely come a long way. A few years ago, every time you would pour almond milk it would separate, whereas now they’re just so good. You can now pour latte art, it taste better, it’s creamier and it compliments the coffee better. It doesn’t just taste like a cup of almonds haha!