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The Alternative Dairy Co. is the plant-milk partner of the Franchise Council of Australia

According to FCA CEO Mary Aldred, “Franchisors in the food and beverage space are increasingly responding to rising consumer demand for plant-based and sustainable food options. The FCA’s partnership with Alternative Dairy Co. is designed to provide members with access to quality Australian-grown plant-milk products to service this growing market.”

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Soul Origin Case Study

Chief Operating Officer at Soul Origin, Adam Neill, said Soul Origin prides itself on delivering excellence in quality, flavour and service, all elements that played into the decision to partner with The Alternative Dairy Co. According to Mr Neill, the franchise has seen demand for plant milks grow in recent years.

“Demand for dairy-free milk alternatives has grown in the last 2-3 years and we can expect this to continue to surge in popularity in the coming years.

“At Soul Origin we hold a strong belief that every cup of coffee should be of high quality. Our coffee beans are roasted locally in Melbourne and we have great relationships with farmers around the world to make sure we are serving a fully traceable coffee.

“So far everyone has loved The Alternative Dairy Co plant milks.”

“With any partnership we embark on, product quality is paramount. The Alternative Dairy Co has been a great partner not only because of the high-quality plant milk range, but also the fact it is Australian made and owned.

“So far everyone has loved The Alternative Dairy Co plant milks. The taste is great, our baristas are finding them very user-friendly and customers are really excited about the new products. The sustainability piece is also key for us,” said Mr Neill.


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No.68 Newstead, QLD

“We have been using the Alternative Dairy Co. Oat Milk for the past 10 months. We went against the trend and switched to The Alternative Dairy Co. because of its integrity and because it’s Australian made and owned.”

Lu Lu’s, Rockingham WA

“Lulu’s switched to The Alternative Dairy Co. based on customer feedback. Customers comment on Alternative Dairy Co. Oat Milk’s similarity to traditional dairy milk and its popularity has grown hugely over the past year.”

Coffee Port, Terrigal NSW

“We have been using The Alternative Dairy Co. milks since day one when we opened 18-months ago. We use it because it helps us to stand out in a saturated market, combined with the fact that it is Australian-made and delicious.”