Meet Corey Williams - The Alternative Dairy Co.

The Alternative Dairy Co is nothing without the Barista’s who everyday steam, stretch and pour our milk to create the best coffee experience in a cup.
They are the Nerds, Cat Lovers and Coffee Lovers behind the machine

Corey Williams

What’s your name, what do your friends call you?

Legally, my name is Corey. Affectionately known as Tex or Coffee Jesus. Ha-ha

What’s the best thing about being a barista?

The customers. Knowing that the work you put in can turn someone’s day or week around. It’s just coffee, I know. But it has a profound way of bringing people together and positively impacting people.

If you could change one thing for the better about the coffee/café industry what would it be?

Wage scaling. We’ve lost too many of the industries elite due to wages going up, but consumers refusing to pay any more for anything. So cafe budgets have become tighter and thus left most of them unable to pay high end wages for high end staff. It’s a bit sad.

What’s your favourite dairy free milk type?

Oat. Easily it’s oat. Its texture and taste are so similar to full cream milk, it’s an easy switch. I find oat is the best alternative milk when it comes to complimenting nice coffee.

What’s your best tip/trick when making coffee on dairy free milk?

Nailing the texturing is key. Finding the ideal, workable temperature and consistency of milk takes a lot of practice. Pouring with alternatives can be difficult as well. I always recommend pouring a little faster to reduce the likelihood of splitting or bleeding.

How important is it to buy locally, buy Australian? Why?

Supporting Australian industry is super important to our future to become a self-sufficient country. We’re lucky to live in the country we live in. With huge amounts of financial support for those going without. All of this would not be possible without Australian industries contributions.

How do you think ADC performs?

Absolutely remarkably. But….. The almond milk. It just stands unopposed at the top of the alternative milk industry. Such a huge step up in the previous industry leaders. I’m honestly stunned when I see a cafe NOT using Alt DC milks. It just makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

What was your experience through COVID? Challenges? Silver linings?

The challenges were endless. We are still feeling the ripples now. With fewer staff available. Particularly in back of house operations.

However. Our ability to adapt during this time has expanded our following and our business now sits, stronger than ever before. I know many operators however who have not been as fortunate. Which is really upsetting to hear about.

What do you aspire to do/be in the future both professionally or personally?

I just try to be better at what I do, every day. What the future holds, I’m not entirely sure. I’d like to maybe shift away from the bar/kitchen and work more directly with cafes or a company to help venues and the industry continue to grow. I don’t think such a job exists but maybe it should. Ha-ha

What’s one thing that people may not know about you?

Coffee and cafe operations weren’t always a dream of mine. Prior to dedicating myself to coffee, I was one of the fastest men on the planet on a pair of skates.

Having represented both Australia and New Zealand internationally as an athlete across multiple disciplines at the highest level. I’m still pretty good. Race ya?