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Do you want to support local but you’re unsure where to begin? Let me make it easier! I’ve put together a list of the best and easiest ways you can support local without thinking (too much ;)) about it.

The Best Ways You Can Support Local Day-To-Day

Working for the coffee roaster and tea supplier Leaf Bean Machine (Perth, Western Australia) we hold supporting Australian business as core to our operations. Each time we source a supplier we ask ourselves – how can we keep this as local as possible?

We’re stoked to work with Alternative Dairy Co. whose “support local” values align with ours!
Where possible, all of the ingredients in the milks are sourced locally. When you enjoy a glass of your favourite Alternative Dairy milk, you can drink in confidence knowing you’re helping Aussie farms and communities.

The Growth of Supporting Local

Everyone who has embraced the “support local” message has greatly contributed to the survival of small businesses. A massive thank YOU for being so supportive.

Over the last year, it’s no secret that we have all faced many unanticipated challenges. No matter where you’re located in the world, what language you speak or, what you do for work: everyone has felt the effects of the pandemic. And for small businesses, these challenges have been a plenty.

There certainly have been no shortages of hoops to jump through. However, with the support from communities – small businesses are still up and running with some even thriving!

This is wonderful to see for countless reasons. Small businesses are often family run and devote their passion to the products they offer. Shopping local also has a low impact on the environment and offer a transparent supply chain. In addition, studies have shown when you spend money at these local businesses, the money stays local too, which greatly contributes to the employment, living conditions and overall economy of that area. When a local business thrives, the community does too. With these great benefits, it’s no wonder why our local shopping habits have increased by 30%

Where To Start

The trick to shopping local is to integrate small habits into your day-to-day.

Follow these four steps to kick-start your local shopping mindset:

  1. Reality check.
    When making a purchase ask yourself: “is this shopping local?” When we need to buy a product, we often turn to the big names. Yet, there’s a great number of small businesses right in your neighbourhood. Before you click ‘buy’ consider the other options first.
  2. Write a list.
    Begin to think about all of the ways you can shift to a more local mindset. Brainstorm and write down a list on your phone, paper or mental notepad. Ideas can vary from buying plants from sellers in your neighbourhood, choosing a local business for an everyday product, going to the family-run restaurant rather than the big chain. The options are endless plus the best bit… The local artisans make the products much better!
  3. Start with small changes.
    Changing habits can be difficult. But we assure you, these changes are worth it. Begin with small steps such as buying your fruits and veggies from a local grocer or buying the next birthday gift locally. Slowly build upon these habits and soon you’ll know whose door to knock on for anyand everything.
  4. Ask your friends and family.
    There are myriad of small businesses out there so chances are your friends and family either own one or, know one. Ask around for recommendations and you will find a tonne of options. Once you’ve tried out some of the businesses, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner! Spread the word of your favourite local spots.
Embracing Community

When you support local it’s not simply about the transaction: it’s about embracing community.

When you pop into a local café for a brew, jump on Etsy to purchase a craft kit or, you pick up some cacti from a neighbourhood grower – you’re interacting directly with the business owner.
And (being a small business ourselves) let us tell you, it overwhelms us with joy! Every product holds immense thought, passion, and dedication. It’s our pleasure sharing the products we create with you.

By making the shift to buying locally, you rediscover what it means to be a part of a community.
Feel good after your purchases by choosing to support local.

Let us know your tricks to adopting a local mindset! Comment below or, connect with us on socials (below).

Written by
From Leaf Bean Machine.
Perth, WA.