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The Local Way

An Alternative Podcast Series

Something is brewing. Need something to listen to whilst you set up the café, want to be inspired by people who get what you do? Or perhaps you love an alternative brew so much that you just need to know more.

Get ready to hit subscribe to ‘The Local Way’ a podcast series brought to you by The Alternative. In this first series we will be celebrating all the women in the industry from roasters to baristas, we’ll be talking to women in coffee who are breaking barriers, creating change, and shaping the future of the industry – and all whilst having fun doing so.

So, pour yourself a cup, sit back, and listen as we pay tribute to the women who are brewing up a storm. Listen wherever you get your podcast from.

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Hold on to your cuppa! In this very first episode of The Local Way, our host Laura sits down with two mates from the industry, Fleur and Michaela. Fleur is an oat milk enthusiast, while Michaela is currently on the almond milk train (for now). As we celebrate International Women’s Day for the entire month of March, they discuss the importance of empowering women in the industry and encouraging them to learn new skills to advance in their careers. They also discuss ways to encourage more women to participate in areas such as competition, repping, training, roasting, and buying.

The group also encourages listeners to take risks and jump in, even if they’re not 100% ready. Michaela shares valuable advice for women entering these competitions or judging spaces, urging them to take the leap and learn from the experienced. And of course, they talk about the advice they would give to their younger selves, stressing the importance of not worrying about what others think and just going for it and having fun whilst doing so.

On this episode of The Local Way, our host Laura talks with Rachel Glasbergen, Senior Business Leader at The Alternative Dairy Co. and Brodie Roberts, Content & Project Manager at Proud Mary’s about their love for alternative milk and their experiences in the coffee industry. The conversation centres authenticity, importance of supporting each other and keeping your passion (with these things nothing is going to stop you!)

As we celebrate International Women’s Day for the full month of March, Rachel talks about how great it is that coffee connects people and seeing strong and beautiful women who speak their truth. When we all work together the industry can move forward.

Rachel shares her experience with imposter syndrome and how she learned to lean into her strengths and be her most authentic self. Brodie emphasizes the importance of passion and empathy in effective leadership and encourages working smarter, not harder. Both agree on the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive people and finding mentors.

The episode highlights the power of the industry to connect people, the importance of fun, authenticity and support, and the potential for coffee businesses to have a positive impact on the environment.

On this episode of The Local Way – we chat with Natalie Daniels the Regional Team Leader at The Alternative and Emma Markland-Webster from The New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association, where they share their experiences and journeys in the coffee industry. Together, Natalie and Emma chat about the shift towards plant-based milk, the importance of self-belief and overcoming self-doubt, and the power of finding your tribe and having a strong support network. They also share some of their best advice, from “follow your own instincts” to “fake it till you make it, and of course have fun while you do so!”

On the next episode of The Local Way, get ready to hang with two total legends – Caterina Paola, Territory Development Manager from The Alternative and Melita Farraro, Senior Manager for Food & Beverage Development & Capability at The Star Entertainment Group. These ladies will be chatting on how they got started in the industry and dish on what they love most about it.

Caterina and Melita are bringing their A-game and serving up some serious inspo. We’re talking about the importance of lifting each other up, creating space to grow, and witnessing people grow in the industry through training. The love for the hospitality industry can be felt all throughout this episode.

In this episode, we sit down with the incredible Lucy Ward and Emily Oak from ST. ALi, two industry powerhouses with personalities as bold as their brews. Listen in as they reveal their secrets to success, including finding mentors and faking it till you make it. We also talk about their mutual passion for sustainability and sourcing beans.