Kicking off: Glee Coffee, Wyong NSW - The Alternative Dairy Co.

Kicking off: Glee Coffee, Wyong NSW

There’s so much that goes into the perfect cup of coffee.

The right machine; the right equipment. The right grind; the pressure to tamp it down. The right extraction; the right milk. The right froth; the right temperature.

So much to think about. So much that can go wrong. And you know what the craziest part is? You haven’t even thought about your beans.

That’s where Ben Gleeson and the team from Glee Coffee Roasters, a boutique roastery on NSW’s Central Coast, come in. These guys take care of your beans. They source their product from around the world and roast it with an artisan’s eye to make sure you get the absolute finest coffee to brew your own cup.

But of course, even this process involves a lot of nuance. You have to have the right contacts to source your beans. You have to decide if you’re going to produce a single-origin batch or make up a blend, to match beans with the precision of a wine-maker blending grapes.

And then you have to roast those beans: the right temperature, the right airflow, the right time. Always tinkering around the edges, making things right.

You wouldn’t guess that the Glee guys were mad scientists. There’s a basketball hoop in their large roastery. Everyone’s casual, relaxed, friendly. The guys all have beards. Trucker caps abound.

But behind those friendly smiles there are brains ticking away, coming up with improvements, thinking about changes, doing everything they can to produce the perfect coffee beans for the perfect cup.

The rest is up to you.

Ben Groundwater
Travel & Food Writer