Meet Wei-hung Hsu - The Alternative Dairy Co.

The Alternative Dairy Co is nothing without the Barista’s who everyday steam, stretch and pour our milk to create the best coffee experience in a cup.
They are the Nerds, Cat Lovers and Coffee Lovers behind the machine

Wei-hung Hsu

What’s your name, what do your friends call you?

My name is Wei-hung Hsu. Everyone knows me as Patrick.

What’s the best thing about being a barista?

The best part is to see people happy when they enjoy my coffees.

If you could change one thing for the better about the coffee/café industry what would it be?

To enhance the ideas of specialty coffees to the general public so that people have more understanding of this industry.

What’s your favourite dairy free milk type?

Almond milk. I like the nutty flavour.


What’s your best tip/trick when making coffee on dairy free milk?

Well, I steam those alternative milks like full cream milk except for soy milk. It requires special skills to deal with soy 🙂

How important is it to buy locally, buy Australian? Why?

I am no economist but I do understand that buying locally actually helps business owners to reduce the transportation cost and therefore they can have more funds to improve the productivity and quality.

How do you think ADC performs?

I do believe they perform really well by providing good alternative milk options.

What was your experience through COVID? Challenges? Silver linings?

I think the challenges from COVID are tremendous towards hospitality industry. The challenging part was that the situation is so unpredictable so it is very hard to adjust to cope with the situation. The silver lining is that things are under control in Victoria now and people are starting to come out and spend money.

What do you aspire to do/be in the future both professionally or personally?

Professionally I would love to do a bit of roasting and opening of my own cafe. Personally I don’t want to work and still get paid ;).

What’s one thing that people may not know about you?

I actually don’t like going out.