The Alternative Latte Art Smackdown - Rules - The Alternative Dairy Co.


This is a Free & fun event, but we do need some ground rules!


Competition to start 6pm sharp all competitors must be ready to go from this time.

Random art & milk selection – with spinning wheel. Both the milk type and the pattern on the wheel

32 competitors in total, knockout format.

6 Rounds:

  1. 16 heats, 32 competitors
  2. 8 heats, 16 competitors
  3. 4 heats, 8 competitors
  4. 2 heats, 4 competitors
  5. Runners Up: 3rd place playoff between runner up from round 4, 2 competitors
  6. FINAL Playoff for 1st and 2nd place, 2 competitors



  • 2 competitors go head-to-head in each heat.
  • The wheel will be spun to determine pattern & milk type for each round.
    • Rosetta
    • Heart
    • Swan
    • Tulip
    • Free-pour
  • Someone will be allocated to pull shots for each barista
  • Each Barista must use the Wally to steam the milk (a demonstration at beginning of the competition to show how to use) the milk will be steamed in the jugs provided & the barista may use any jug to split and pour
  • 1 handle, 1 jug of milk, 1 cup – no second chances.
  • Competitors may bring their own jugs.
  • No etching tools allowed – free pour only

*The MC reserves the right to change pattern and requirements for any round at any time.



  • 3 judges
  • Each judge will place a chip beside the drink they deem the best (on the count of 3)
  • Drink with most chips goes through to the next round.
  • Drinks will be judged on:
    • Visual appeal – definition and contrast between milk and espresso & clearly defined lines.
    • Ability to achieve correct pattern.



  • FIRST PRIZE: 4 x $500 Mastercard Gift Cards = $2,000.00
  • SECOND PRIZE: 1 x $500 Mastercard Gift Card + 1 x $250 Mastercard Gift Card = $750.00
  • THIRD PRIZE: 1 x $250 Mastercard Gift Card = $250.00



Competitors Must register through the Eventbrite page. Competitors agree to the terms and conditions laid out in this document. Employees of Alternative Dairy Co are not eligible to win the prizes listed.

All competitors are required to read and understand the competition rules and format.

Competition Format
The latte art competition format has been laid out above.

Judges’ decisions are final, there are no appeals or protests eligible to competitors.

Machinery, Accessories & Raw Materials
Espresso machines, grinders, handles and raw materials will be provided by the venue.
Milk will be provided by The Alternative Dairy Co.
Competitors may bring their own pouring jugs.