The Local Way Podcast - Series 2 - The Alternative Dairy Co.

The Local Way Podcast is back!

Get ready as we rev up the engine, get our jugs at the ready and share with you some interesting stories and lessons learned from the personalities that define our café community and what makes it so special.

Series 2 brings our host Ben Gleeson, mic to mic with new guests across Australia and New Zealand who are doing amazing things in their local community. We shed light on what’s happening in the café community elsewhere in the world, the importance of community and why everything starts local.

We can’t wait to share it with you. Hit subscribe, sit back, relax, pour a brew and listen wherever you get your podcast.




Join us for our first episode to kick off the series! Ross Quail chats with us about his journey in the world of coffee, from a Barista in Melbourne to where he is today. Ben and Ross chat through the importance of people connecting in cafes, keeping up with technology and although automation is coming, it’s important to keep the “theatre of coffee alive’. Listen in!


Join us on episode 2 as we chat with Ian, at Coffee Mentality in Brisbane. From planting coffee trees in community gardens to inspiring and supporting baristas in the competition space. Ian shares with us what motivates him every day in the world of cafes and coffee. Ian shares how coffee is a medium to create change for the better, sharing his ethos that it all focuses on a ripple effect of “People, Passion and Planet”.


With a passion for helping others, and of course delicious brews, this week we chat with one of our own, Sophie Murchie! Starting young in hospitality and a small stint in corporate, and now a Territory Development Manager for The Alternative, Sophie’s passion lies with the hospitality industry and speciality coffee. Sophie loves supporting businesses in the community as a barista, shares some insights into life at The Alternative and last but not least, her inspiring journey to qualify as a CQI Q Arabica grader!


Tune in to episode 4 where we meet Emily Briffa, from Hamlet in Tasmania. From the moment she decided she needed to quit her job and tackle her passion project, to seeing firsthand the power of positive change. Emily chats with us about falling in love with the idea of combining great food, coffee and helping underrepresented people and the importance of being part of something bigger than yourself. Need inspiration? Listen to this.


This week we bring a whole lot of love and latte art! We chat with Amy Zhang, 2022 Australian Latte Art Champion, famous for her winning latte art ‘Hugga bear’ Amy is a star and prides herself on putting a smile on people’s faces when they order their coffee. She shares with us her passion for latte art, the importance of working with professionals from the start, and what it takes to perform under pressure in competitions and on the world stage.


For our final, and surprise bonus episode, this week we talk to Sarah from Flourish Cafe. Flourish is New Zealand’s first training cafe, specifically to support young adults with intellectual or learning differences to become work-ready and part of the wonderful cafe and hospitality community.​ Part of local charity, Project employ, customers know they are making a real difference to the lives of trainees by visiting the cafe. Sarah shares with us some amazing stories, the challenges’ they face daily and how the cafe community helps bring of all this to life. Take a break and enjoy our last episode for Season 2 of The Local Way Podcast.


Ben Gleeson is Owner and Creative Director of Glee Coffee Roasters. As seen on The Today Show in Australia and Channel 7’s Open shop, Ben has become a Master Roaster, International Coffee judge, Certified Q Grader, and Business consultant. Ben’s expertise in coffee roasting is evident from his multi Gold medal-winning achievements, including being the overall Champion of the 2019 Golden Bean competition. Ben’s creative approach to coffee, coupled with an innovative mindset and genuine care for people, makes him the perfect choice for The Local Way Podcast Series 2.