Meet Jodie Chan - The Alternative Dairy Co.

The Alternative Dairy Co is nothing without the Barista’s who everyday steam, stretch and pour our milk to create the best coffee experience in a cup.
They are the Nerds, Cat Lovers and Coffee Lovers behind the machine


What’s your name, what do your friends call you?

My name is Jodie Chan. My friends call me Jodie, but some of them call me super mom because I have 3 kids, still work and won’t give up on my dreams.

What’s the best thing about being a barista?

I enjoy making every single cup of coffee for my customers. I have a passion for pouring beautiful latte art and seeing it make my customers smile. It’s really motivating.

If you could change one thing for the better about the coffee/café industry what would it be?

In my opinion, we should provide more opportunities to someone who is aspiring to become a barista. It’s very difficult to get a barista job for those who are inexperienced. I am preparing my coffee studio not only just train people how to make coffee and create latte art, but also to build up their skills and efficiency, enabling them to be more prepared when seeking a job.

What’s your favourite dairy free milk type?

Definitely Oat milk as it really brings out the coffee more.

What’s your best tip/trick when making coffee on dairy free milk?

Don’t steam it too hot or make it too thick if you want to create latte art. Also, using a lighter roast will cause the milk to curdle. A darker roast can create better lines when pouring a Rosetta.

How important is it to buy locally, buy Australian? Why?

Buy locally creates economic opportunities, and also supports farmers and communities. It’s very significant to support local business during COVID.

How do you think ADC performs?

It tastes so creamy and smooth as well as using more natural ingredients makes it awesome for the coffee experience in a cup. Definitely, ADC will be my first choice for my coffee studio.

What was your experience through COVID? Challenges? Silver linings?

I had my third baby at the beginning of COVID. The main thing I do is look after my three children and keep them safe. On the other hand, I was able to plan my coffee studio. A big thank you to cafe culture for organizing the online latte art competitions through COVID. I was lucky enough to win 1st place using ADC oat milk. I also filmed heaps of videos related with coffee and latte art on my social media platforms. Meanwhile I opened online latte art class to the public. People can acquire new skills to make coffee at home. To me, every cloud has a silver lining, so stay positive!

What do you aspire to do/be in the future both professionally or personally?

My goal is to train more people and bring them into coffee industry. For myself I will continue to compete and see how far I can go.

What’s one thing that people may not know about you?

I have 3 kids but two of them are twins. Abby and Alvin are 5 years old and they love to make coffee for me. Ayla is turning one soon. Children don’t stop me pursuing my dreams which is what I want to share with more people.