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Besides making plant-based alternative milks, our team also dabble in writing words and taking pictures – most-often with a brew in hand.


Cafe Convos – Seven Mile Coffee

Talk about going the extra mile. From sourcing and roasting to brewing and teaching, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters have always been about doing the very best for their customers. 

Now, they’re pouring The Alternative Oat and Almond milks. We sat down with their head barista, Georgia to find out a little more about Seven Mile Coffee.
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Cafe Convos – ST. ALi

Melbourne-founded ST. ALi have been bringing the brew-loving energy to Australia since 2005.

We sat down with ST. ALi’s General Manager Lachlan to chat about the past, present and future and why they have partnered with The Alternative.
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Cafe Convos – Dear Jervois

Over in Herne Bay, Auckland, the folks at quintessential, fresh-obsessed cafe Dear Jervois have always taken the natural approach. Turning organic wholefoods into delicious dishes, smoothies and brews. They’re calling on suppliers who are sustainability focused, putting the health of people and planet first.

We sat down with the two head baristas Estefana and Geonju to get an insight into their world.
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Cafe Convos – Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary run a truly iconic cafe and roastery in Collingwood, Victoria. Not only because they’ve given brew-lovers a heartfelt experience since 2009, but because they go the extra mile to build sustainable business practices in Melbourne, in Portland, and right down the supply chain to the origin of every bean. We sat down with Cafe Manager Brodie Roberts to talk sustainability and how grower information helps enrich every cup.
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Cafe Convos – Two Before Ten

We love businesses that love the soil as much as the daily toil. For Chris, one of the owners of Two Before Ten in Canberra, it’s about growing your business bit by bit and looking after everyone who comes through your door. Two Before Ten are now pouring The Alternative Oat and Almond milks.
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Cafe Convos – Cafe Girasoli

Along an old stretch of shops in suburban Sydney’s Allambie Heights, Cafe Girasoli has been quietly transforming the mornings of its customers. We sat down with the owner and brew-lover Andre to chat about the importance of offering consistent quality – and the big shift towards plant-based milks.
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Mission Against Emissions


Hear from Tobias Aubrey-Poiner, Head Trainer at Single O as to why they’re pouring The Alternative Oat.
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Cafe Convos – Coffee Drs

From the family growing fields of Minas Gerais, Brazil – to door knocking his local neighbourhood, Luke Bantatua shares why sustainability is important when it comes to creating the perfect brew.
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Bean Scene Magazine – Cream of the Crop

The Alternative Dairy Co. Barista Oat Milk has become the number one oat milk in the Australian cafe market. Those using the oat milk reveal why.

Excerpt taken from the latest issue of Bean Scene Magazine. See the full issue here.
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Cafe Convos – Cheeky Grin

Cheeky Grin Coffee is a small, bustling cafe known for its smooth, balanced cups of coffee and easy, on-the-go food options.

Bean Scene Mag
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